there is no way that this can be real man!! it has to be faked what do you recon…

it sure looks fake.

would be cool if it were real though

Got to be fake!! you couldn’t run that fast in motorcycle boots :slight_smile:

That must be fake.

fake as foook!

Its for real. I’ve seen the same thing happen loads on The BCR!:smiley:

i worry about anyone who thinks thats real…

it was an advert… can’t remember what for though!

Some of the replies are amazing!

“no it really does happen its prolly true maybe not how the bikes went around him but ho it stayedup the bike has momentum if you ide one you should no”

"its not fake cus if you do the same thing with a bicycle like push it and then let go of it the bike will ride on its own and the super bike has the same principal so therefore that is possible but very unlikely. "

“He was hanging pretty far off when he whacked open the throttle. I think the bike just accelerated out from under him”


If you’re going to fake something, this is a masterclass in how to do it brilliantly! :smiley:

That was excellent!