you gotta love em

A new starter where i work, and a new biker was outside when i went for lunch, and was warming up his bike to go out for lunch. Went and had a chat, looked at him, then looked at the sky and kindly offered him a bit of advice “think you better put your waterproof trouser’s on fo this ride”… “i’ll be ok it won’t rain” he says, gets on his bike and heads off for lunch. So i goes back out an hour later for a smoke, and he pulls up, get off his bike, turns to look at me… all i could do was laugh… about 30secs after he leaves the heavens opened for about 2mins… you guessed it, he has two massive wet patches down his legs! He won’t be doing that again!

Hahhaha! Did he learned it?

Usually I won’t wear waterproofs as they give ya less grip on the tank, I guess this guy was in Jeasn and not leathers.

Worse, a pair of trousers - office worker!