You got to love KTM.....

WHY? coz they dont muck about…

they know what your going to do with there bikes… and use it as a selling point.

To funny

Love the bit where he wheelies past some japs…

I want one, no seriously, I want one!

yeah me to Jay perfect for getting to work on

I’m toying with the idea of getting the new 690sm real tasty especially with the full titanium akro’s.

So KTM support dangerous riding through public highways.

I dont like KTM since they told Charlie and Ewen that they would fail doing the Long way round trip and didnt want to be asosiated with failiure.

Saw a KTM 450 outside HG stockwell today… spoke to owner who said he’d ridden one while crossing a river, lost grip, bike ended up on its side, submerged… he pulled it up on back wheel to let water out of exhaust, wiped it down and it started (can’t remember if he said he replaced the plug… hehe)

i’d definitely like one in the ‘stable’… i don’t plan on riding right round the world on it but i bet my daily commute would be interesting.

hmmm… bracken’s just two roads away from me…

I was up an bracken yesterday.

Going to take a 990 adventure out for a test ride next weekend…

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a Triumph 675 in the next month or so, but I want to try a few other bikes out first.

Agreed. KTM make some loony bikes, especially the super duke… If i could afford a second bike id love one of the new superduke r

Pure bike porn!