You can run, but you cant land!

Check out the height that the pillion goes! I bet he couldnt breath up there!

i had to watch that twice, WTF was he looking at.

I hope Drei watches it!!!

Sorry mate not picking on you… honest!

Plod in his r/v mirrors? I’d give the pillion 5.8 for style tho He wasn’t very straight, his feet weren’t together and that landing was rubbish!

far be it for me to get picky and it is good to know that he was using his mirrors but on a technical point, it must be equally important to know what’s in front him, especially while steaming up a one way the wrong way

any landing you can walk away from must be a good landing.

Thats what I call style

Looks to me like the bike was being chased and was going through a tunnel the wrong way. That pillion went way up in the air, somersaults and all! See the rider pegs it without checking on the pillion as well, who finally gets going, limping badly.

Considering the amount of time the plods sit in the car it’s obviously not America. They’d have had them all in headlocks at gunpoint threatening to ‘pop a cap in their asses’ within a millisecond!

Anway I think it was fantastic style. To land right beside your mate, same way round and everything after a flight like that must have taken some practice!