You can never have too many cylinders

One question… WHY?;):stuck_out_tongue:

This is 4200cc V42 made from KH250 bits…mental:D



Now do you believe us when we say you need more cylinders :D:P:w00t:

if you take a look at Rick bretts web site you can see the thing actually runs…and its a 48 cylinder not 42…

I was saving that bit for the smart alec who would say it was photoshopped;)

sorry but I do know me twostrokes (mostly anyway) and that one is a famous kawasaki…

You are no doubt familiar with Allen Millyard’s work then?

no…enlighten me

he is the guy who builds 4 and 5 cylinder kwack 2 stroke engines. He’s done a V8 1800cc Z1 engine and a V12 Z2600 out of a Z1300 lump too…Brilliant engineer

The perfect commuter bike.:smiley:

ah thats his name, not good with names only know rick since i joined his triples club 32 years ago…and he is still dealing with triples…life long career…what dedication…good bikes mind…well different anyway…more reputation and myth than fact…

Be nice to see some pics of your stinky wheels;)

I do miss the clouds of blue smoke and plug swaps:D

well just working it out how many cylinders i have… KR1 and 1s…4

rgv250 2 = 6

gt380 x 3 x 3 is 9 =15

gt550 is 3 = 18

gt750 is 3 =21

kh500 is 3 =24

kh400 is 3 =27

rg250 is 2 =29

Ram 250 e quad 2 =31

three single cylinder 150 dirt bikes =34 (two bust)

3 crap mini motos…is 3 so 37

one cheap quad is 2 =39

bandit and R1 4 each so 8 makes a total of 47…bugger not as many as rick on his one bike.Plugs do need a lot of changing…always carry a spare…will post some piccies this week

:D:D:DI’ve got 3 bikes with only 8 pots between them:cool:Less is more:D

It’s up for sale if anyone’s interested ! :smiley:

Potters Bar, so just round the corner from you too Chunks ! :wink:

thats bizarre, they are calling it a ducati when its obviously a kawasaki…how very odd. I would love that…but something smells fishy about this sale…gonna ring rick…

Yeah it does sound a bit fishy… WTF is Ducati about it?

Its made from KH250 Kwack bits.

Might go and see it just for a giraffe though;):smiley:

yes hey could you go have a look, if you do ask how much they want…might just raise the cash some how…if its really for sale…

Looks like Ducati cos it is at a Ducati dealership…Chunks - dont go near the 998’s!!!

I know… it’s a worry;):smiley:

1098 and the 848 totally gorgeous…avoid them too…