You came to a crossing, what do you do?

well if you are chinese* nothing :blink: just keep on driving!!


*dont mean it in a derogatory way

is it wrong that i laughed at so many of them! 2mins in is the best!

I can’t help but think that many of those situations could have been avoided with the simple application of some white paint.

or the break pedal! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think most of these are filmed around Hounslow:w00t: I see a similarity to the driving standards i encounter every day there.

I did laugh at nearly all of them though:D

Amazing. I’m still giggling. I hope its through shock!

Is it me or are they all not in real speed? It seems really wierd lol??

Pmsl -

Didn’t know that Mr Magoo had so many descendants!


“Wot u chink you doing? Why you no look?”:smiley:

I strongly suspect uncorrected poor eyesight is the root cause of many of these. I guess eye tests/glasses are very expensive in that part of the world.

Like the soundtrack :cool:

Sh**, looks like our tour of China is off. Mrs J was well upset to see this.

So where can we go that is safe and cheap as chips?