You boys have been sprung!

p.s how do I embed again?

picture no workzing

Embed button from Youtube !

Love it when Jesus gets caught !

or maybe theyre looking thinking “does that girl have a camera stuck to her ass”?

This thread is so last Friday :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man! :pinch: :blush:


:w00t: the amount of people that checked out her ass is amazing, i do wonder as to how she was walking, sure she must’ve been swinging her hips, cause quite frankly if i saw a girl swing her hips a lot i’d stare too :blush: also she is a skinny girl, do we have any videos of what sort of reactions girls with bigger asses will get?? i’m sure there’ll be more people staring :wink: :wink:

oh another thing, i do like the song too

Something Bigger, Something Better by Amanda Blank


whats with the pow stuff all of a sudden???

i dunno…:doze:

i was minding my own and all of a sudden i i just shouted it !!!:w00t:

help me lou…i cant seem to …Ppppp,ohhhh…PPPPPPppppppppp…



whoop,there we go…


I tea-bagged your drum set!


“This place is a f.ucking prison”

“You’re just a big curly headed”

“I just wanna tuck you up inside my vagina”

“Lets go play karate in the garage”

Boats and Hoes:D

“What are you doing???”“I’m burying you”"SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, you’ll wake the neighbours!"LOVE IT!!!RE The Video: It could have something to do with the other person with the camera that was following her…but I’d have stolen a glance to be fair…

Hahaha ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! :smiley:

haaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha :laugh: