you bike with police

just wondering if anyone else likes taking photos when they get pulled over.

i seem to have a unnatural ability to be a police magnet. expect last night that was Inks fault (first photo)

most of the times its the a bike has been spotted in the area or random stop check

even got a defect notice on my “Yamaha Fastbike” for a faulty exhaust valve lol

and a good old section 59.

so i cant be the only one with a small collection =]

Can’t stand police recently. It seems like they have been stopping me for no reason and coming up with some silly excuses. I am getting fed up with it all, seem’s liek they are dishing out fines just to collect revenue.

Aren’t you the guy on the 125 with the video of crashing when pulling a wheelie off the lights?

Who me? Defo not lol I don’t have a 125

Maybe it could be that

1- You are riding like a ****
2- Your not wearing enough gear
3- The gear your wearing looks really chav
4- The bike doesn’t look road worthy
5- It looks like its just been stolen
6- You not seen to be riding cautiously
7- Its a common bike to get stolen so they want to check your details…

Soooooooooooooooooooooo many reasons, if YOU are constantly getting pulled its either something your doing or something your riding.
The last time I got pulled was nearly 2 years ago, and that was my own fault.
Yes, some police can be ****s, some are also doing the job to help others so try not to stereo type them as its not fair on the good ones. (I know you haven’t yet, just try not to get in that frame of mind)

Lucky they didn’t do you for the front L plate. :slight_smile:

I keep getting told, my dz is a common bike thieves use to do robberies… What nonsense. My bike is unique (graphics kit etc) why would anyone use it to a robbery you’d be spotted a mile away.

yeah that was me fliping away from a set of lights a few years ago =]

when i was on my dt it was because when you see a offroad style bike its automatically completely illegal.

anyway im not bitching about me getting pulled im used to that now.

just wondering if anyone else has photos to share XD

I think you have a pretty good collection! LOL

Lol ‘Yamaha fast bike’ - didn’t know you owned a fast bike?? :slight_smile:

The LB perpetrator shall remain anonymous :smiley: Suffice to say I was riding behind and somehow dodged the fine at a speed consistent with German regulations.


it was NOT my fault.

about 4:20 you can watch the only time I was pulled over by the police, because I was weaving a bit.
I agreed with them all the way and they let me go with a warning. considering the bike wasn’t officially in my name and had no tax disk on, this goes to prove the police aren’t d1cks.

On a Supermoto, it always looks like you’re having way too much fun and we all know that the Police can’t stand that. Killjoys.

I think that’s what it is! Well said