You are not safe anywhere

I have a mate who lives in swansea, he rides a yamaha xv650 dragstar.

Poor sod was just leaving Tescos when he gets hit by some loonie female driveing a Ford ka.

She hit him so hard it ripped her front bumper off and guess what she never saw him!!!

15 fractures in his left leg, 2 steel plates and a pin through the ankle and skin graffs to cover the mess.

Doctors have said it will be 6 months before he’ll ride again.

Bike did better broken mirror and a scrapped foot rest.

Please be careful where ever your riding, I’m sure that they wait around corners for us!

Dammmmmmmm that sounds flippin painfull.

best of luck to ya mate from The Barro.

Too right. THat sounds bloody awful.

I have to say, I’d rather have a high speed slide than a 15 mile an hour crushing crunching connection…

Haven’t had eithe yet, so I’m sure many will disagree with me…but hey cycling accidents at speed I’ve survived whereas the one at 5 miles an hour in traffic hoispitalised me for 3 months…go figure

Get well dude!

Man I really do know how this guy feels we are getting biker down posts every day this week

I wish him a speedy recovery his legs going to hurt for a while but the first couple of weeks stuck in a hospital bed during this heat is going to feel a lot worse!

Wish him a speedy recovery…

Speedy recovery, 6 months sounds long. Car drivers all need specs, or something else…

It’s hot and people are out more. By the quantity and diversity of our members it’s innevitable to hear about the accidents as the happend on everyday basis, unfortunately… Speedy recovery to you mate


I wish him a speedy recovery!

Second everything thats been said…sometimes i wonder if its really fun anymore! All that money we have to pay out to fix ourselves and our bikes, replacing clothing etc…can u imagine how much we have ALL paid out these past 2 months…look how many of us have had accidents?..DAMN !!!

Blimey, your mate came off quite badly eh… I hope he recovers quickly…

geez, that sounds like a nasty injury.

Speedy recovery.


Hope he gets better soon