you an uppie or downie?

just got in from Oakdean and makky Dees with Lewis and Mel and i went to make a brew…i noticed that some of my cups are facing up…and some are facing down…i want them to all face one way but im in dire straits as to which way to place them…whats a girl supposed to do?..:D.smiled:).

I’m an uppie, i used to be a downie to stop dust then realised i drank about 15 coffee’s a day and dust didnt get time to settle, so now an uppie :D:D

p.s (top night as usual ) :w00t::w00t:

BM was great tonight too

I’m an uppie. bit of dust never hurt anyone, especially when you’re pouring boiling hot water into the cup

I dunno what an uppie or a downey is lol…I am more a lefty and a righty type of geezer myself.Finger pie

was a good night mel…your so cute when you scrunch your nose when you laugh…too bad im a girl…because i would…;).


Iz it :w00t:

you looked just like the girl in your avatar I would too :hehe::D:w00t: (Don’t tell Lewis i said that) :hehe:

i wont…but i think we’ve gone off topic abit…maybee via pm?;).


Its getting “HOT” in here so take off all your clothes…

I am getting so hot im gonna take my clothes off…

Nelly - Hot In Here

smiled lets the maccy dees chocolate milkshake go to her head, the luscious apple pie didnt help either :D:w00t::w00t:

you naughty boy :Wow:


Smiled looked well tasty when the apple filling dropped down her cleavage, you go girl :D:D

hehehe…next time you can drip aplle sauce down my top and give one alittle cup if you like…i wont mind mel…we’re both women here…;).


i must admit you did look fairly ample sitting across the table… :smiley:
I am off now to get some dirty dreams in before morning comes round… might stick you in em you naughty girl, no wonder they call you smiled…:D:D

thats not why they call me smiled hunny;)

night night Sandra D…:kiss:


I’m beginning to wonder what sort of cups this post is about.

smiled, if thats you in that photo I can think of somthing I could drop down your clevage…

sorry mr king…but ive never been with a man before…am i missing something?


You got a stalk?

I thought you was a Lady?

Defo down…feck getting creepy crawlies in me mugs!!:w00t: