Yoshimura R55

Can anyone recommend somewhere i can get the above mentioned can for my K8 600 gixxer?

ive looked into getting it shipped in from the USA but with the exchange rate as it is and import tax it looks like it could be cheaper buying in the uk for once:w00t:

looking to spend around 400quid and would like the carbon end cap…

try this, looks good


offer him a buy it now price i reckon!

i like it i like it alot:D

let us know how it goes!:cool:

just sent him an email so fingers crossed

and yea, it sounds the absolute bizniz! My mate recently picked up his 750 K8 with an r55 full system and its howls!


sweet music to my ears:P

I have a R55 on a K7 750 which i’m considering selling to raise some funds. Are they the same for the K7/K8 and 600/750?


i belive they are olliehow much for cash:Whistling:

any pics ollie?

I’ll take some pics and email them to you.

To be honest i’ve not given much thought as to what would be a fair price. Can you give me a day or two to get back to you?

no wories mate just pm me if you want a quick sale

This one has 34 views at the moment so good luck lol! :smiley:


Just emailed some pics, let me know if you don’t receive anything.


looks great, let me know if you want to sell

well the guy on ebay blew me out so i bit the bullet and went to a shop

fitted the new can in my lunch break at work , and what a great sound it has

i dunno if it was just me but the traffic on the way home down the A13 seemed to part alot earlier than normal

must have heard me comming:D

pics to follow…

what he didn’t let the bidding finish? How much did you end up paying in the shop?