Yoshi wow!

This is just the sexiest bike… 5 in the world mmmm yummy.


Great, isn’t it? It’s a few years old now, based on the K4 Thou, but still looks amazing! Sounded good as well last time I heard it buzzing through some country roads (video). Would love to see what they could do with a K5!

That is just too sexy for words… I’m picking my jaw up off the floor!!!

Oh yeah … very sexy … great colour too!

Words just fail me… that is jaw droping…dribble dribbleLove the look of the rear end, the clearence looks cool…And that exhausti want one

njs71 said: “Anyone know which exhaust it is???”

Erm … it’s a Yoshimura I think! lol

Oppps …LOL, I ment which model exhaust, then i looked at the spec sheet