yoshi end can help !!!

my gsxr 600 i have jst bought has a yoshi can on, really nice but not road legal:cool: .

was finkin u cud get the badge (rivvited on the end of the can) replaced with a british standards stamp on , heard u can buy them on the web but am havin trouble findin them , shud i bother ?? cheers

whatever you choose to do, DO NOT BOLT ON AN EU/BS BADGE

this would take it from a roadside traffic matter, to possibly being looked at as an attempt to pervert the course of justice. Somewhat more serious.

I assume it’s a full race exhaust and didn’t come with a baffle

thanks for reply, al just leave it on . al just put the standard bak on for m.o.t,cheers

As far as I am aware, you should only be concerned if it is stamped ‘NOT FOR ROAD USE’.

My akrapovic can on my Gsxr was a race can & said ‘Not For Road Use’ on it - best thing to do would be to get polished out, dont bother with 1 of those stamps because everyone knows their fake. I just left my can as it was and never had any trouble :slight_smile:

if your bike is between k1 and k3 then you need to remove it as soon as poss…

and sell it to me :D:D

haha , nah al leave it on for now , but if i decide to put an akro on it al let you no , cheers guys:w00t: