yo err... i'm jon... question about fairings

i’ve never used a forum before… interesting… yea newbie to riding, used to be without a speedo for the first two weeks on a 2004 cbr125r; realised i was riding at 50 mph almost all the time in the residential roads near my house after i fixed it… eek! loved the speed for the first two days, the fact that i could overtake traffic like no one’s business for the next week, and learning to lean a little bit for the next two weeks (at like 30-40mph) until i realised it’s a stupid idea on my thin wheels, with no knee pads or jacket! hehe… anyways thinking of doing DAS - any advice?

oh yea about fairings - i’m quite bored of this bike now, and me needs a new one, so thinking of selling - right hand side fairings are , so thinking of doing something about them (i took them off, and taped the lights and dial to the handlebar for the time being… bike kinda looks good naked) - do you lot think i should buy new ones or just fix up and polish the old fairings before putting them back in again?

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