yo ASBO........

duke2 wheels sorted now:D had disk + bracket machined 5mm to pull closer into wheel & needed to file part of caliper to get past disk bolts but all ok now:cool:








Looks good :slight_smile:

Wow - a pretty SM:) - too pretty for all that mud anyway:D

oh it will be seeing mud one way or another :hehe:

Who you lending it to?


:doze::smiley: i hear your good at plowing the fields on the bcr:P

who isn’t? :wink:

Looking good buddy!
Love to see it in the flesh.

Looking good there pal.

You could do with the spacer that replaces the speedo drive to tidy up the front a little but thats me bein picky, lol.

Mine should be done in the next 3 wks. Well all but the new graphics anyway. Need to see if the 950 disc matches up with my duke wheel so i can fit my bling caliper. The 950’s run 2 310mm discs.

Oh and i got my free t-shirt from The KTM Centre yesterday :smiley:

one like this… ? :smiley:



Yeah but mines blue :smiley:

And i see your cheating there :w00t::hehe:

Hey! Nice one MD:cool: