Took my old bike for it’s MOT at Lea Motors this morning. Got talking to a chap who’s restoring a 1960’s lambretta, he took quite a shine to it, as does another chap who turned up on a late 70’s Honda cx500 that he’d bought new.

Eventually the MOT chap came out and he also took a shine to it. He had a lovely race bike in the workshop and runs a GSXR1000 on the road.

Well the bike passed no problems with lots of compliments. So I took it for a little ride around in celebration. It feels so “soft” compared to my scooter. The suspension is very soft, the brakes, well, I have to ride it as if it has no brakes as the front especially is very ineffective… It is lovely and smooth though and the soft suspension and large 19" diameter wheels soaked up the speed bumps much better than my scooter does. It impressed Lambretta guy outside the MOT station by starting up with barely a whiff of starter, it was warm though, but even when cold it’s very easy to start. I love the old girl.

Looking at the mileage between the two MOT’s I’ve only done 200 miles on it in a year :blush:. About 100 since I got it back up here in Herts with me back in May.

Classic. Love it.

Same year of reg as me too.

yes nice bike… just sold my 1973 gt380 (2 left) and that always started firts or second kick…no starter…even after nigh on a year of inactivity…the new buyer loved it…the other two are in need of a bit of work…

how you doing, dude? :slight_smile:

am good…had op a week ago and am trussed up like a turkey but feeling better every day…just got 12 months of waiting and maybe 2 more ops and loads of physio.

its the physio thats the pain in the butt :stuck_out_tongue: get yourself someone motivating that doesnt mind seeing you in some pain… i still need more but havent summed up the courage :wink: nasty business! :w00t:

glad to see youre better :wink: x

not sure i am better…but my head is getting there body will take a bit longer…

Lovely old Honda - lovely to see a machine so well cared for and original after all these years. Puts my 10 year old Hornet into perspective!

Thanks guys. I’m going to try to put a few more than 200 miles on it in the next year!!

Lovely looking bike, you just cant beat an old Honda

I love em :wink:

A thing of beauty.

How do they get like that? I always treat bikes as just a form of transport. They get cleaned and serviced regularly, but they aint ever going to look that good again when I’ve finished with them. Not without a back to metal restoration and a shed load of new parts.

I know Lea Motors very well and always praise them up:cool:

John, the guy you are talking about is sound and loves his bikes.

He races Dyno 600’s IIRC

So where did that lovely Honda start its life? is it a Yankee import?

Unusual zorsts on it too, very nice:)

thats one PRISTINE bike! better than chunkys!:w00t:

Lea motors?, is that by teh river near broxbourne swimming pool? didnt know they did bikes if it was?

It is down by the river at the bottom of Cadmore Lane, quite a way from the pool:)

near carthagena lock, i’m thinking of the place where they do accident repairs too.

Thats the one:)

Yeah he seemed like a great guy. I tried to get a pic of my bike next to his race bike as the contrast between the two was cool, but it came out all blurry. I’d taken the car there for an MOT before but it was the first time there with the bike.

Yes the Honda is a yank import. It was originally in Wyoming. The first owner bought it in 1974 for $1200 (I have the original sales receipt as well as loads of other docs). He seems to have ridden it not very far until about 1976 when it went into storage. I got in contact with him and he said that it was in his workshop until 1994 or so unused and had a screen, rear carrier and the original 4-4 pipes when he sold it to the son of a friend. Only the rear carrier now survives. I’m not bothered about the screen as it doesn’t need one anyway and I’m sure it was ugly, but the pipes being cut off was gutting. The original owner chatted to the bloke he sold it to and he said that they were rusted so he cut them off and discarded them, he then sold the bike to get a car, neither of them knew it’d been exported.

I don’t really know what happened to it after then, but it was imported into the UK in 1996 and I bought it in 1999. When I got it it had horrible home made 2-1 collection boxes on each side and harley end cans.

It took me ages to find replacement 4-4’s. The original spec ones are like gold dust, virtually impossible to find in decent condition. I saw one set go for over £1000 on ebay a few years back, given that I have an agreed valuation of £1500 on the bike that’s a LOT of money. Unfortunately the bike despite it’s rarity in this country is not worth a lot of money. I thought about selling it a while back, but I couldn’t bring myself to as the money would quickly disappear and the bike is worth more than that to me, a lot more.

Wow, that is a nice looking bike. Is the colour original? I do like that green :slight_smile:

Yes everything is original apart from the end cans on the exhausts and it is an aftermarket (but seventies) rear carrier.

I do have an electronic ignition system on it now though which smoothed out some problems I was having with setting the points gap correctly.

She runs beautifully.

Have you managed to get it on an age related plate seeing as you have such good documentation?

It’s a lovely looking bike, and agreed it’s worth more to you than the sale price:)

I had a ratty old 400/4 tears ago that I used as a hack but as hard as I tried to kill it, it just went rattling on and on and on:D

Have you had any probs with cam chain tensioners? I ended up having to replace the cam chain:hehe:

I think the 4:4 you have on there looks better than the original one, very nice:cool:

Do you read Classic Motorcycle Mechanics? I bet they would love a go on it;)