Yippee I won

Entered a competition to win some cinema tickets for my little girl…

and I won some, result!

dead lucky as I deleted it from my hotmail junk account and only realised a I hit delete so spent the entire day chasing miscrosoft to recover the emails, and the competition people to resend the email.

So that will put a smile on her face!

Congrats !! and well recovered too. :smiley:

I’m jealous, I never win anything

I think this must be my year.

so far I’ve won

£10 on the lottery
A new compact digital camera
& Cinema Tickets

roll on the rest of 2009 for me.

LOL @ winning something and then binnin it. Well done tho.:smiley:

Note to self - check all those lotto tickets lying around :slight_smile:

Congratulations – looks like this year is going to be good for you!

All you need now is to win some double-glazing! :stuck_out_tongue:

lmao… I’ll buy a national lottery double glazing ticket tonight as I’m feeling lucky

Well done.:smiley: