yfz750 takes down pedestrian

I was walking around Westminster during my lunch break today just contemplating that the lyrics of Sledgehammer really are quite filthy when in the corner of my eye I just saw a motorbike tip over and someone fly a few feet across the floor.

I went over to see if I could help, I previously worked as an ODP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operating_Department_Practitioners) and was trained in advanced life support so I thought I could help. The guy on the bike was okay but the pedestrian was a bit twisted up, there was no blood and he was making a lot of noise and had his eyes open. He seemed responsive and alert, allbeit in a lot of pain. This one elderly woman at the scene was making things much worse though, she was rabbiting on and screaming at the motorcyclist about “Look what you’ve done!”…etc. It wasn’t helping, I was going to intervene and tell her to calm down, even if the guy was at fault you don’t want to be screaming and yelling at people - it’s very bad in these situations when everyone’s blood pressure is going all over the place.

There was too much of a crowd forming, an ambulance was called and I didn’t want to add any further tension to the scene. As soon as I heard the sirens I left, I was just crowding the place, even though I’ve still got medical skills it wasn’t needed.

What was annoying was I was nearly hit by two cyclists whilst crossing the road over back over. I do notice that people, especially around that part of london don’t pay attention to the pedestrian crossings

To note (legal disclaimer), I did not witness the actual event or who was at fault.

Blimey, that’s pretty intense for a lunch break :ermm:

ah are you talking about the incident around 2pm today at Millbank? I rode past and saw the hurt motorcycle, a police motorcycle, a couple of police cars blocking the bit of road by the zebra crossing and an ambulance while officers were talking to the biker and a woman on the pavement…was thinking it must’ve been something similar to the incident that happened to me a few hundred yards back off westminster roundabout at Margaret Street pelican crossing last year :wink: hope both parties are okay, shame the front of the bike looked broken.

That’s about the right time, so I assume it’s the one. It was at the bottom of Horseferry road. I left as I heard the sirens, I was just checking to make sure no one was doing anything they weren’t supposed to in an accident.

That crossing is total nightmare though, cars, bikes and motorcycles just seem to never notice it or the people crossing. I’ve nearly been hit by a car on it about twice before. Very strange.

yeah i saw that too, didn’t see the pedestrian though. so that’s what happened