Yet another one joined

Hello all, Joined yesterday. I am Chris,Use a Cbr 600rr04 live in Stroud green, next to Finsbury Park. Seem to be alot of memebrs around this area. Also interested in place to ride etc… Take care chris

Hi Chris. Welcome to LB!

Hi chris, welcome to LB. See you on a ride out soon. (check out the ride outs section, plenty going on in over the coming months)

Welcome to LB

hi there chris welcome to LB if you can get yourself down to the newbie meet at the ace on Monday (see ride out section)

Cheers for the Newbie notice down at the ACE, Unfortunately I am away in LA on business. But I will keep my eye out on the ride out section for when I am next free. Cheers

Hi Chris and welcome aboard.

I worked at Stroud Green school last year, shame you weren`t a member than as we could have hooked up.

Hi Chris, welcome from another Finsbury Park newbie

I used to live in Stroud Green Road

Welcome aboard yet another Finsbury Parker

Hey Chris, welcome to LB! Is your avatar from Druids at Brands Hatch?

Hi, and welcome to LB