Yet another nicked bike...

Hi All,

Dormant but fairly long time member here. Only a matter of time until I was affected by the dredded bike theft I guess…

Any info on this most appreciated.

'99 Honda Africa Twin, Blue, white mudguards and hand guards (see
Pretty much all original (incl exhaust) plus a grey Honda topbox.
Distinguishing marks: large scuff RH fairing and bash plate and londonbikers stickers in the “intake scoops”. Not the shiniest of Twinkies.

Reluctant to put whole reg up - begins T273.



Unbelievable, your loss saddens me AT

Cracking bike, sorry it’s been stolen mate. How that you get it back, and the thieving f*****g scumbags get what is coming to them.

Really sorry to hear your bike got stolen (

Know how you feel fella, i had my Africa Twin stolen from outside my house about 4 years ago.
Still not heard a thing about it, really hope you have better luck :slight_smile:
Hope yours was insured, mine wasnt :frowning:

Hey Mate

Sorry to hear this - Yours was almost a twin of my twin - I remember it well from Frith and Chelsea - I’m gutted for you.

At least the blue ones are rare so if anyone sees a blue Africa Twin out and about please have a close look and shout.

I’ll keep my eyes open too.

Keep eyes on Ebay

Sorry to hear this dude, that really sucks!

Just goes to show none of us are safe, whatever bike we have they seem to be a target, regardless of age etc…

Which part of London was this from, just so those in the area are alerted to be more vigilant?

sorry to hear that mate,

hope you find it

The bike was lifted in the inner West London area

sorry to hear about your loss AT

to those theiving scumbags its a bike and its insured

to us its more than just two wheels and an engine we build up a relationship with our bikes somethin that cant be replaced.

hope the little theiving little fuckers get whats comming to them

and i dont mean the police or a judge they seem to have there hands tied unless they actually catch them taking it.

Thanks for the support, people.
Stolen from W6. Discussions that (inevitably) follow such an event suggest that the beginning of the year is bike theft season - apparently the scumbags have other things to do in summer … :ermm: …like go on holiday…? So please be vigilant of your own babies.


Sorry to hear yet another one gone. Will have to put that sting operation into action :angry:

Not that it matters now, but what security did you have in place?