yet another newbe..........

i just moved to london about half a year ago
looking for good people to ride with
im riding 03 z1000 naked baby!!!

ps pics to folow

welcome to the site mate…

Welcome … Love the z1000’s

hey pilion thats a cool picture i wish i could weelie like that

welcome to the site

Hi and welcome abaord.

Welcome aboard. See you out and about

Welcome to the mad house dude

hey oggyplonk

ha u dooooooooooin duuude!

r u from states?

welcome aboard !

see rideouts and meets…always someone doing something !!

Hello and welcome…

Hi and welcome to LB. As previously mentioned, keep an eye on the ride outs and meets section. We’re a social bunch!!

Me from the states, no mate what makes you say that?

just the choice of words…
in states everybody is dude
in here u got lots of mates

its all good though

welcome and have fun


Welcome, welcome

poke poke with da newbie stick

Da Artist


Hey Milo dude,

Now this time, I found you…poke, slap, slap, poke wiv the newbie stick and other various implements I have lying around…

Hope you having fun on yo wheels

P.S. If it’s that funny breed of human being (often referred to as AMERICANS ) that you’re looking to make contact with…

Morgawr is a prime specimen…

welcome aboard

welcome, welcome, another flippin newbie, ha ha, only kiddin!!!