Yet another friggin' n00b!

Hello everybody,

Just wanted to formally introduce myself. My name’s Stefan and I’m a 28-year-old German bloke living in London. Somehow I suddenly caught the two-wheel bug in the middle of last winter! This lead to a scooter and going on some quite long trips (like Germany-UK) and having a lot of fun despite being co-oooo-old. Now that spring is finally here I’ve moved up to a NTV 650 and am still learning to sling it aroun with confidence (and probably will for months)… hey you’ve all been there in the early days!

The two-wheeler-addiction has also led to a job at Scooterman so if you see a big bloke in a high-viz whizzing around on a Monkey Bike in the middle of the night give me a beep Those things have no power whatsover but boy are they great for filtering, and fun to ride…

Well that’s about it, see you guys out on the road or at a Frith St gettogether one of these days…

  • Stefan

Welcome and greetings to another friggin’ noob! Glad you have found the two wheeled scene mate.

Hey Stefan, welcome to LB! Hope to see you at the Waterloo/Cubana meet tomorrow evening! I see the monkey-bikes everywhere, will give you a toot

Welcome to LB, Stefan. I’ve just recently moved up from a scoot myself, but am still keeping it for commuting. See you & the monkey bike tomorrow at Cubana!


Hello and welcome to the site Itsthemechanic… Look forward to seeing you at Cubana on a Wed evening…


You went to Germany on that little Honda scooter thing? or have i mixed you up with someone else?

Welcome to LB mate

yes hi m8 and Welcome



Hello and welcome…

Weaver is going to be very busy with that poking stick…


Welcome to LB welcome

Thanks for the warm welcome everybody! Sorry I couldn’t make last Wednesday, but I was in Wales taking advantage of the good weather

Just to clear up some confusion: the Monkey Bike is my workbike, you might see me riding one around at night but I definitely couldn’t show up at Cubana with one. Although, some of you who hit the Chelsea Bridge on Friday nights might have seen me riding by on the way to a job as our ScooterMan base is just near there in Battersea – I always try to make a point at waving! My own bike is an NTV 650. And about that little Honda Scooter thing: I bought two “Zoomers” in Germany, rode them over to the UK and sold them on at profit after riding them for a while – one in January, and one in March. Good fun in an at least it’s faster than a bicycle kind of way.

Can’t wait to meet you all at some of the next Wednesday meets – until then!

Hi ya and welcome to LB


Welcome and please dont be offended when Weaver pokes you with a stick, it’s just an old English custom!!