Hi Everyone,

I’m afraid I have to ask you all to keep your eyes peeled for another stolen bike. This time it was Serena’s R6, 2003 model, silver in colour, registration LK03 LBL. It was taken from the Fulham area where Fulham Palace Road meets the Hammersmith one-way system.

Sorry to hear this I can’t believe how many bikes are being stolen at the moment it’s crazy beyond belief!

Kind of makes a mockery of the police statements a few weeks back when they busted a gang. They reckoned it would seriously reduce bike thefts, well I have news for them, it does not appear to have done the trick.

Sorry to hear of this, hope you get some good news.


Hehe, Serena just asked me to add that the bike answers to the name of “Wolfie”

Wolfie, shouldn’t the bike be based in Tooting with the Tooting Popular front?

Damned sorry to hear of another theft, I know a good carpenter and am gettng the stocks ready now…


Oh, Serena! I really sorry about that girl! Poor Wolfie…

Here at work 2 guys got their bike stolen this week! One of them lost 2 bikes at the same lamp post…

But at least the boys in blue are out and about dealing with regular joe bloggs for minor speed infringements in the early hours on clear roads, eh… and for small plates of course.

Thats obviously why they have so little effect on motorcycle theft during this epidemic of it. It seems out of control. These scroats (the thieves) think they’re untouchable.

BTW, sorry to hear about this poor girls theft. Hope it gets sorted real soon.

One way to perhaps get the plod to start taking this seriously and making some kind of effort to round these gangs of thieves up might be letters to our MP’s. For the last year I had been contacting a couple of different agencies regarding a problem I was having with something. But I wasn’t getting anywhere. Just one email to my local MP had BOTH agencies contacting me within a few days, getting together to sort the problem, and then update/progress letters letting me know what was happening, and letters back from the MP asking me to contact her again if there’s any fyrther problem with the issue. This MP spoke, and they jumped. Not that its gonna work everytime but its worth a try.

If some articulate member could draft a pro-forma letter for all members to post/email to our MP’s to ask why plod seem to be doing so little to combat bike theft at present, this might be a start to highlighting bike theft to those with some clout and getting some heads banged together in nicks around london to try and do something about it.

OR, set up our own sting, catch the scum in the act, and hand them over. Not really as far fetched as it sounds.

I dunno. Cant sit back and do nothing though, just waiting for our bikes to be nicked, cos it just seems like a matter of time, the way things are at the moment.

Serena my darling… I really don’t know what to say… I am totally gutted for you!!! OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU… What a lovely way to start your day… I’ll be over later the give you big kisses and lots of love…

Great idea TonUpKid! Unfortunately my english is not good enought to do this kind of writting! Anyone can get the task?

LB will back you up on that for sure Tony! Whatever you need from us will be provided! Just tell me your idea in more details and we can start to work it out ASAP!

Jeez, I can’t believe how chaotic it’s become with bike thefts lately! I’m so, so sorry to hear about the theft, Serina & David, I hope it doesn’t ruin your birthday completely, though I know how I’d feel in your shoes, so all the best to you two

As Cezar mentions, the idea is a very good one Tony, we’ll support it completely.

Sorry to hear about your bike going Serena…hope they find it for you. Unfortunately it’s all too frequent these days.

Hope your birthday gets brighter as the day goes on…

It’s a good idea lobbying the MPs, and datatool - but tbh - i doubt you’ll get free trackers from them - why would they need to give them away - if bikes are getting stolen so often then they should sell themselves surely. The only thing that i think puts people off is the annual fees. Tracker themselves do a motorbike system now - but to buy it and pay a couple of hundred quid a year for monitoring can put a lot of folk over budget. Theirs would be the best system to have imo as all the police forces here and some in europe have their signal systems fitted already…

I am so so sorry I hope they get lots of pain I am meeting with the two tracker companies on Sunday at expo I no one minds I would like to put Tony’s thing too them as they would rather they did the test than datatool on of thier competitors. So if it a three way thing between the dif companies LB are still winners and will deff be able to say which tracker works best, the cost, and V,F,M. Will deff keep all informed of all outcomes on my part.

Once again so sorry about the bike. If I can do anything ta help let me know

Sorry to hear about your bike, Serena. I hope you manage to get it back.

Don’t know what to say! … on your birthday too!

Good luck with getting Wolfie back, or if that fails, good luck with your insurance company!

Should any one need any pro bono advise re insurers, I make my crust by doing insurers for a living. I am happy to help.

Good idea mate, don’t get if you don’t ask as they say. I’ll happily help where I can just ask, and to be honest I’ll happily stump up some cash for my Tracker if I have to as well.

I’m sick of this, to the point where I just turned down a move to London Bridge at work. Nicer building, nicer surroundings, 5 minutes from the misses for lunch etc etc, but no secure carpark for the bike.
Some people just didn’t get it, and laughed “oh his precious motorbike”

I don’t have much stress in my life, but I’m not about to deliberatley add to it.


Ooops, sorry to hear of the theft as well serena. I’ve been there so know the feeling, don’t let them grind you down though.