Yesterday did not go quiet according to plan....

Yesterday did not go quiet according to plan, it was supposed to be a friendly bimble around with Lstar, followed by a trip to the Ace, however courtesy of a blind British gas driver deciding the reverse into and knock over my bike in Sainsburies car park it was mainly spent on the phone and at the bike shop!!

How he failed to see it I will never understand, but I came out to find him struggling to get it back on to two wheels… My poor baby is now in the shop being assessed for the insurance and is all knocked about and bent down one side.

The positive, I suppose, is that he has admitted full liability with no argument, which has been confirmed by his insurance company in writing and Carol Nash are sending me a hire bike on Tuesday until mine is fixed so I will be able to get to work.

Anyway sorry to Lstar, whose number I did not have with me and my lovely blackberry would not let me retrieve off this site and it was a wonderful reminder that people amazingly really do not see bikes, moving or parked!!