yes i know!!

what can i say, i got tempted :slight_smile:

You utter bike tart.

Has the Tiger gone then?

shes having a rest for a while…:smiley:

If you know, we don’t have to say it… :wink:

Westie - you ever kept a bike for more than a year !

Looks lovely :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks amazin in the sunshine. Great choice :slight_smile:


ps. don’t listen to them, human is always lookin for a perfection and as long as you like changes you may find it, now you are step closer :slight_smile:

very nice :slight_smile:

very very nice

i’m torn between one of these, and an FZ1 as next ride


I’ll give it a couple of weeks :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

very nice westie! Should be great fun, hope you enjoy it!

Very nice, but you know you don’t have to change bike when the tyres wear out, you can just change the tyres :smiley: