Yes!!!!! Brazil just vote against the handout of the civil weapons!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I probably shouldn’t post it here as for you, English boys the reality is completely different than back in Brazil. But we had a referedum and we just massivelly voted against the handout of the population weapons! The *******s of the bandits lost one more!!! I got 19 of them back in my father home and give them to destrution would brake my heart! If the goverment went through with this ridiculous proposition they would only take the weapons out of the good people. This way opening wide the doors to bad people as they only have ilegal weapons. Long subject, I only wanted to express publically my happiness!

Never been there Brazil Mate so i take your word for it being a good idea about having to hand back the guns.i’m just glad that there an’t many guns over here!!!

This is a very difficult subject Wolf. Don’t get me wrong here, weapons are not god at all but to ask people that have registered weapons to hand them over is a crime! Fisrt the goverment go out there and get the ilegal weapons out of the street. The ones that are used to commit crimes and then, only then they can ask weapons from the honest workers that have no choice but protect themselves… As I said it’s a very complex subject! Over 2/3 of the Brazilian population votet against! Any south american out there to help me here?

I agree with you about taking the ilegal guns first mate but is there lot of corruption in the government?

Unfortunately yes Wolf! But i have to fair here… Since I left there back in april 99 I have never more followed the politics anymore, as I was very disappointed with it. My brother tells me that it is still the same…

mind you mate its just as bad here, but its done behind close doors here with Nighthoods, money etc