Yep....another newbie

Just thought id say hello :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome aboard.

Where are you and what do you ride.

I live in Aylesbury, ride a zx636r b1 in super dooper kwaker green and work in london.


Hi MD and welcome to LB!

Welcome fella,

I’m only down the road from you in Twyford!

Ride out sometime hey?!

Welcome to the show.

Just round the corner from me I guess, aylesbury lad meself. (don’t post exact where as too many tealeaves about)

will be happy to ride out with ya when I get me bike back.


Welcome to LB

Welcome !

Welcome aboard

welcome to the site

hiya n big welcome

Welcome MD , hope you enjoy your stay !!

You not far from me , I’m in High Wycombe and there is quite a few of us locally

Maybe we should get the " Bucks " arm together sometime LOL


welcome to lb

welcome to LB

Welcome to LB !

hi and welcome