Yep another newbie

Hi everyone, yep i’m new, live in watford, ride a fighterd gixer 11, normaly hang around the ace. with the loss of chelsea bridge & frith st fort i’d try to findout wether there was any new meets, seen u guys in ur t shirts, fort i’d see if u had a forum & now i’m here so a big HELLO

Welcome What was with the trafic in Watford today?

See you around no doubt

No idea, never went in town centre today. It comes to a standstill with the build up 2 xmas & when it rains yep see u around, (me gixer’s got a blue & yellow tank & a R1 seat unit) Come & say hi if u see me down the ace

Hey Terry, welcome to LB! Post up some snaps of your ride in the Pictures forum for us, and hope to see you at our Brazen meet/Xmas Party!

Hi Jay, posted pic…wheres brazen ?

Hi and welcome to LBs, nice looking bike


Welcome, the Brazen Head is a pub in NW1 where we meet on Wednesday evenings. There are more details about it in another post, I think in the rideouts and meets section.

Will probably be at the Ace later so if you see me come and say hi, I have a pic in my profile.

Hope to see you soon.

welcome newbee Terry

Welcome to LB fella

alright terry…welcome m8


newbies newbies everywhere but not a stick in sight!

Welcome to LB, come down to the Ace on 4/12 for the newbie meet

Poke poke with da newbie stick

Enjoy the site
Da Artist

Sorry peeps welcoming pokes with da newbie stick have been a lil slow lately
Weaver - Left, AbbeyJ - Is busy & Da Artist just got his bike back and would rather be ridin!

But im getting there!

Do you actually like bikes - or just destroying them??:blink:

Welcome to LB:D

Welcome fella! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx for the welcome mate, tell you the truth I love em, I’ll keep me eye out @ 1 of the meets :D:)

:laugh: Don’t forget to share with your mates Tel!! Especially Tug :w00t:I reckon he’d be well chuffed!! :laugh:

Welcome mate

why do people keep bring up the post that are from last year



Might help if you read them properly Ginge!

HAHA i like it HAHA oh and welcome to LB’s :smiley:

Hello :P:)