Yellow box junction brings in almost £3m in fines

I guess the yellow boxes need to be enforced, but £2.7m from just one cam? What about the others?

“The maximum fine is £130”. Well I bet they fine the full whack every time…

That’s a lot of revenue, but, it does my head in when people block yellow boxes.


i agree with motopup, good, theres no good excuse for stopping on a box junction, unless you are turning right, and being blocked by oncoming traffic, in which case you wouldn’t get a fine anyway :slight_smile:

£2,700,000/£130 = at least 20,770 people who think they’re too important to wait and should be allowed to block oncoming traffic to get them 20 yards ahead in a traffic jam.

Almost impossible, unless you remember not to enter the unless your exit is clear. Someone should write that down so people remember it

But what if the traffic lights were designed in such a stupid way so that you are bound to get caught?

I don’t have a problem with enforcing yellow boxes, but clearly the traffic lights and layout there contribute to it.

IMHO they should start issuing points on the licence as those that can afford it, don’t care anyway.

One of them was me about 3 years ago, I had space to cross until another car jumped in to the lane leaving me no where to go … made for a very expensive trip to work!

I do this junction every morning and watch people get caught out all the time by cars changing lanes

Can you contest on that basis? The highway code says don’t enter unless your ext is clear.

If the exit gets blocked after you have entered the box then you can’t do anything about it.

You shouldn’t enter a box junction unless your route out is clear, the only exception being vehicles turning right.

its so nice that people trust the council to apply the law correctly and fairly!

I got one where like someone mentioned above I was crossing the junction and the person in right lane realised they would get stuck and jumped lanes leaving me in the junction by two feet. It took two appeals to get that dismissed.

That junction is a NIGHTMARE! I ride that way to and from work everyday and it gives me that anxious, nervy feeling every time I approach it, it’s very badly designed and always congested. I see folk getting caught out there almost every day. The council should be reinvesting that money on plans for a better road layout.