As some of your will know, The Riot (aka The Plop! Thank you Mad Dog) went in for a long list of repairs some weeks back, but it seems only the list of known issues I’d given the workshop was dealt with, not the general service I’d written at the top of the list. Well the bike went back, and boy is it peppy now!:cool: I cant wait to get out there doing what we do the best!

Whats that then? Falling apart :w00t::hehe:

Velly fully mutha fuckla!:angry:



so we doing a early raid on the lanes next sunday:)

That prolly works for me! The wife just the second asked if she can invite all the inlaws over before her Ma-n-Pa go to India for 3mths…:blink: So I best go check!:smiley:

If I go, its with 1 proviso…none of your hanging about at the back!:alien:


Just been told it would have to be that weekend for the inlaws:crazy: We’ll try to do them on the Saturday, but thats a long’un!:frowning:

Beaky, we don’t want to think about you doing yer in-laws:w00t:

But thats what we do in these parts!:cool:

SuperMoto BCR Sunday ?

I dunno if the guys are in m8. I’m good to go if you are, but I am really struggling for grip at my rear end!:blush:


Well, I’m good to go if its on proper roads. If a SM BCR means trundling around on the very tiny lil’lanes I’d rather have a nice warm bath and read my new Evo mag. The lil’lanes dont require any technical ability, and if you attack them and a car is coming back the other way there’s nowhere to go so whats the point?

SneakyMcC (19/11/2010)

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Gr8! Lets do it:w00t: