My other half, John, who some of you have met either in the pub or in some other pub, or at Borough one week, has booked his CBT!

He hasn’t told me when it is but I know it’s in a few weeks with Think Bike!!!

I knew I’d make a biker of him!

aww well done love, im still working on mine…

I`m not your other half am i.

no your mine!

Ha ha NO WAY! You’re my daddy dancer.

Nice one GP. I only want biker men from now on

Trying to get my new girl interested too.

She’s going to start out on my old scooter and when I’ve passed my Direct Access she’ll hopefully go pillion with me.

Will have to get a bike that’s ok pillion wise now cus she’s about 5’ 9 5’10, this may fill some with dread but I’m thinking of a retro Triumph, went with Alison (me girl) to look at some in Metropolis yesterday and she liked them.

They’re pretty cool…just hope they’re fast enough.

Ooh I was in Metropolis last week and saw some gorgeous Triumphs!

I’m into bikes coz of my ex so I’m sure you’ll get Alison into them as well!!!


I tought i would have to share you and Westie, but im glad im your No1 daddy dancer.

i thought you was mine!! thats it divorce time!!!

thats great news gp!! u will get him there brilliantly!!


Your my bit on the side, you know when Lance corprol upyourarse is palying soldiers with his boyfriends.