Yay no more mouse in the house

So last night sitting with the wife wathing TV. now we have had a mouse in the house for ages and have not been able to catch it.

Last night though as we are watching said tv I see the little bugger shoot in under the door, I sound the battle alarm to all staff! “Oh **** me there it is quick get a box”.

So we know the little blighter can only get out the door it came in from, I scramble for a sticky pad we had left over while the wife runs screaming for a chair demanding army issue footwear before going near the bio-haradous floor (her girlie boots).

I’m all manned up now ready to take on the 3" long battle cruiser! I get a box put it along the doorway and put the sticky pad down, knowing it now has to run over it. I’m starting to move furniture to scare it out of wherever it had decided to hide. The wife quite firm on the fact that she will not be making any movement from her elevated postion and I mean any not even to help me.

needless to say after 30 minutes of hardcore fighting we trapped the little bugger on the sticky pad, put a plastic box over it and transported it to the furthest away point i could find which was a skip about a mile away (ok not far but it was midnight and I was tired (sorry if the builders are on here and you come to work tomorrow to find it in there)).

So well chuffe that it is now gone. YAY

Fingers crossed it was’nt a female and has left a nest full of babies :wink:

it would be an ideal world if mice were always alone, sadly having/seeing one, normally means more, I suggest you get the peanut butter at the ready

bugger me dont say that, we have still left all the traps and what not down I will not be taking them up that is for sure (well not for a while at least anyways).

I caught ours last night too, regular trap and some peanut butter, the cheeky fecker got all the bait the first night, but chanced his paw again last night and lost.

They have a very long memory for routes and can navigate back from over 10 miles away. :wink:

My mouse has now disappeared it seems - I put traps out but it seems to have gone of its own accord and taken up residence in the neighbours’ who have seen both it and its little baby. (Or at least I have not seen it).

I am pleased you got yours - but am really not keen on those sticky pads as they give the mouse a long and painful end :frowning: I am not sure what is the most humane way of getting rid of them though.

although sticky boards are legal, and offer a quick humane death if used correctly, the law is not that informative when you buy them as a householder

as a pest tech, if we use them, then by law, we stay watching the board, we normally lay approx 200 over 4 platforms, then spend the night walking back and forth checking, this keeps us within the law

you as a householder, can bung them down and go to bed,lol

Expanding foam sprayed around where our kitchen pipes go through the floor under our kitchen cupboards solved our mouse problem. Cheeky blighters.

considering mice can gnaw through lead sheet, Id say no, not fully, maybe if used in conjunction with wire wool

yer we have heard about the wirewool trick thats what we are giong to do…

Seems my joy was short lived, the two traps I layed last night were clean of peanut butter this morning, seems the traps are not sensitive enough, ah well try again tonight.

Has any one posted this one yet

It’s keep them out for now - so fingers crossed. Also, if they can gnaw through lead sheet, then the rest of the floor (18mm particle board) shouldn’t stop them either.

If using the old fashioned wooden ones, you can finely balance them to be very sensitive, but it takes a lot of patience and finger-snapping:pinch: You have to set the hoop that goes over the bent bit very close to the edge. Too delicate an operation to wear gloves, but you need them sometimes:w00t: