Yay...new bike \o/

Having sold the Blade a couple of weeks ago, as it just wasn’t getting used as much as I would like and instead I decided to put the money towards a second car for our family as I figured it would get more use for a family with 3 kids.

Which left me with the Blandit…which is a fantastic bike for commuting, but not all that great if I do get the opportunity to go out for a blast with mates…

So I decided (by bribing the missus with a holiday) to chop the Blandit in for something a bit more capable when the going gets twisty. I still wanted it to be more than capable and comfortable on my daily commute, but also able to get a boogie on when required…so I’ve bought…

This is actually the 3rd time I’ve owned one of these CBR600F’s and tbh aside from my 954 Blades they have been my favourite bikes. They truly are do-it-all bikes. Tons more comfortable than most sportsbikes, but definitely very capable on a thrash. Might not be the fastest, sexiest bike out there, but for doing it all pretty damn well it ticks all the boxes. I am well chuffed anyway.

you sold the blade? :crying:

Yup…it broke my heart and hated the bloke who bought it off me…as he now has MY Blade, which was an immaculate example of one. I had really kitted it out too. But it just wasn’t getting used, I couldn’t justify keeping it and realistically I needed a second car more.

Happy Mrs, 2nd car, and you still have a bike :slight_smile:

It may not be the Blade. but I think you have done a good deal there :slight_smile:


Love the colour too…(warning thread jack :smiley: )

Enjoy it on the Skegness ride out

:smiley: :wink: :laugh:

that was my idea. i bet you’re glad i came back from the wilderness.

Prawn I was so happy I had a little party in your honour


Like Waxy I have also seen the light and will shortly be purchasing a CBR600 fx.

Owning a CBR at some point is inevitable and I always knew it would happen…

They are brilliant bikes…

What year/age/model is it waxy?

I’m sure I’ll end up with one at some point and am sorely tempted by this but I’d need to sell the 900 first…

I was thoroughly impressed when I rode my cbr600f for the first time. Always thought they’d be the boring, sensible choice. But damn, it does do everything very very well, far superior than similar age R6/ninjas. That may be my age saying that though, even if I’m still only 28.

very nice

another fan of them here. the new version is brilliant, I found the 2002 one i borrowed to be very uncomfortable

It is an 07 model, one of the very last of this model, which I think was first introduced in 2001 or 2002 alongaside the CBR600 F Sport.

I’ve owned many different sportsbikes over the years, from ZX-10Rs to R1s, CBR1000RRs and Gixers (600, 750 and 1000) and of course two of my all time favourites the 954 Blade, but the little CBR600F has always been the best all-round bike I’ve owned.