Yay! Got to ride today

After about a week of + temperatures here in Norway most of the ice on my drive had melted today and it was time to fire up the old NTV and take her for a spin…

Ambient temperature about 5.5 degrees, which is “pipin’ hot” by Norwegian standards. Nice, nice. Dust off the lid and pull on the Sidis, ahh, the cherished, familiar ritual. Turn the key, pull the choke and push the starter button and she fires up right straight away. Good girl, for sitting still for a month and getting frozen to -10C and covered with a foot of snow. This bike’s a survivor.

Carefully inch down the hill carefull to avoid all the grit and sand still on the road from where it had 5cm of solid blue ice on it last week. Zip through the little town enjoying the stares from pedestrian who can’t believe seeing a bloke on a motorbike out at the end of November. The chin is freezing a little but other than that it’s lovely. Go get out on the E6 which is properly cleared and crank that **** open… ahhh, what a revelation. Undercut some pesky cager on the on-ramp and pretend for a while that “80” sign is in miles, not kilometres.

Start to get a bit philosophical and have a mild revelation. Realize what a piece of sh!t driving a cage really is. In the last month and a half I drove almost 5000 miles in a cage. The horror, the horror! If being on the bike is having your nipples twiddled by your surroundings, driving a car is like getting a Thai massage while wearing a skiing overall. You just don’t really feel anything, and you crawl along painfully slow, with no power to speak of, and taking up way too much precious space. Well, there’s heat and music and you get to bring along all the flat-packed furniture you want but that’s about it. It’s a letdown, plain and simple. The ****tiest motorcycle will always be more fun to ride than the finest car. Or as the good Duke said: being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube.

Creature comforts are overrated anyway. Food tastes best when you’re hungry, and your nice warm apartment and a hot shower feel much better when you’ve been out for ages freezing your ass off riding back from Dorset or whereever that crack-smoking controller sent you this week when you were just about to knock off and go home. Trust me, I know. It’s the contrast that makes the experience. That’s why being on the bike felt so good today, after a month of enduring cage monotony.

I’m hoping for sunshine again tomorrow. If it’s above freezing, I’ll be on that bike. And I don’t wanna hear a thing from you London muppets about it being cold!

PS: I’m beginning to understand why the Vikings went and sailed over to England to plunder and pillage. THEY WERE BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS!

you mate are the next Hunter S. Thompson…great read…thanks