Yankee cans

Howdie Doodie all,

When I purchased my bike, I had a race can attached and was given a standard can a few weeks later. I never really looked at the can until recently, but found it had american stamps on it:-

e1 -0346

e1 - 78/1015-0389

Then blah blah Meets EPA noise emission of 80dBA for motorcycles SUZ6GR0750 and 600

Basically I own a '99 Gixxer 600, would this pass my MoT? The bike is a UK registered and not an import.



They test for noise, not stampings, so if it’s under the legal sound limit, you’re okay. Most after-market exhausts aren’t MOT’able though, but it can depend on how friendly you are with the tester. It might be worth putting the original can back on for the test. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to change an exhaust.

Ask Goose where he took his bike to be MOT’d…Apparently the tester is deaf…Or easily bribed.

Thanks, I’ll ask Goose from what I’ve been told, I should get away with the can I was given…Still got a couple of months yet. but I’ll let you know

Y is it everytime a noisy can is mentioned, my name comes up?

My exhaust is not loud, lol

Anyway, the laws changed they no longer test the noise level, however it is to the testers discretion if it is too loud or not.

The can should however have UK markings, or have none at all.

If you have any probs or concerns, I will take you to my tester, just give me a shout when your ready.

Nice S Rad by the way.

I’m suprised you’re not half deaf yourself…It sounds like your bike is falling apart when you rev it…Dammn

Thanks, I may well take you up on that offer.

My race can is a Renegade Carbon Oval, but it was the standard can that had the yankee markings.

But it’s all good then if it’s not going ot be a problem