Yamaha YZF R125

'Afternoon all

Up for sale is my much beloved '59 plate YZF R125, the bike I learned and then finally passed my test on. I’m sort of sad to see her going, but I want to get myself a bigger bike now I’ve passed.

I realise that not many people on here are going to be looking for a 125, but if you have a friend who wants to get into biking or suchlike, point them in my direction.

2009 ('59 plate)
6700 miles (at time of advert - bike is still in use so subject to a rise)
Fitted with crash bobbins - otherwise it’s totally stock
Full paperwork, two ignition keys, two fuel cap keys (had to replace)
Tax 'till Nov 2011
Warranty 'till Dec 2011

There is some minor damage (scrape on the exhaust cover, a crack in the right side mirror) from dropping it in the drive in the snow - otherwise the bike is tip-top.
Full listing (and more pictures) on Gumtree can be found HERE.

And the scrape on the exhaust cover:

She’s up for £2,200 but I’m open to reasonable offers.

PM me here if you have any questions!

(P.S. Yes the brakes are actually Brembos, not just painted gold! :D)

Congratulations for passing the test :cool:

What bike you going to get?

Good luck with the sale.

didn’t you go straight from a 50cc to an SV?

I made the silly move of assuming I was going to pass my test…I didn’t pass it, so I decided I’d be better off having a bike I could get more road experience on (and actually be able to ride) than one sitting in the garage, so I sold the SV, got the R125, and now here I am! At least I made the mistake when I could afford it…just.

And I’m going for an SV again - either a red or yellow one, but it must be curvy. They’re simple to tinker with :w00t:

how long did you ride the 125 for before doing your test as sounds like you have done what im planning to do. and thats just the bike im looking for, just need to raise the cash for it, also need to decide weather to sell the car or not.

I spent about three months riding my bike before I took my test, but I’d ridden a 50cc for a year before then, so I had all the basics of control et al down. Plus I did a race school in Feb this year which massively boosted my confidence. Depends how long until you feel confident really.

And the bike has been bought on Ebay, just need to wait for the buyer to contact me about it and sort everything out

This bike is now SOLD - on to SVdom!