Yamaha YZF R125 Blue 2011

Here I have a beautiful R125 that has been looked after very well, I have kept the bike out of the rain and polished it at least once a month. I was using this bike to go to work and now I have decided to upgrade to a bigger bike, its a stunning bike amazing for the city goes up to 75mph its all you need. 1 Year warranty 2 years MOT 1 year tax Fully serviced (next due service 7.500k) Alarm system (needs a new fuse) 2 Keys 4k miles on the clock Will come with a cover I am the only owner Bike has fallen down once when I got caught in the heavy snow fall in London this year so 1/4 of the hand brake has snapped (its not noticeable and does not change the way you handle the brake) and the foot brake as been bent slightly (which still does not effect the way you handle the foot brake) apart from the fall the bike is in great condition. LOOKING FOR £3.300ONO IN CASH. No test runs unless I have the full amount of money in my hand. By agreeing to this you have full responsibility for any damage caused to the bike or others around and the full amount of money will be deducted.

This is for a friend the bike is located in Streatham, South London


you wont get 3300 for it mate

I paid £3300 for mine brand new when I had one. Its shocking how much these things cost these days.

Also what’s a ‘1/4 cracked hand brake’?

@Conrad B - I think he means a 1/4 of the front brake leaver.

Yeah but it looks like a complete lever in the photos…

no chance of £3,300 for it… well I say that but it just seems way too expensive to me given that both my 600cc bikes were under the 3K mark with less miles than that and in as good a condition - ok one had more owners and a few minor scuffs but the other was in top condition…

Plus for a new one you’d only pay £1K more… Seems to me like you need to cut that price down waaaay more