Yamaha YZF-R125 2009 £2900


My friend have beautiful YZF-R125 for sale. Bike has not been ridden much, so is better to sell it than keep it in the garage.
Bike details:
1st owner from new.
First registration: 24.11.2009
Mileage: 2066 miles
Datatool alarm

£2900 ono.

At the moment as the bike is off road there is no MOT and Tax (happy to pay for them two as it is about £45 all together).
Any questions welcome, please PM your mobile number or just ask here.


Any chance of 60% discount :smiley:


It asking price, so there is flexibility… not 60% tho…


59%? :smiley:

What is your budget?
There is a 13 plate CBF on one of the FB groups for about £1900 ono with only 800 miles on the clock.
You might be able to get it a bit cheaper.

1500 is my absolute max. I was going to buy the cbf but then I discovered that mce insurance will do which ever bike for the same price! So now I’m lookin fe something that I will love so now it’s either a supermoto or a r125 but my budget is quite low for the r125 and I don’t think I’m able to ride a sports bike as my first manual on the road. Also what puts me off the r125 is that there are so many of them crashed on eBay which makes me even less confident on getting a sports type. More than likely it will be a su


Aprilia RS125 - you have the budget and you definitely will NOT regret it… Especially if the power band is left in by mistake…:smiley: