Yamaha YISS immobiliser

Bike got nicked a couple of weeks back for which I have made a claim for via insurance (mce!)

They are asking for evidence of the bike’s YISS immobiliser, which I understand is factory fitted as standard! I don’t have any evidence for them.

Is there any credible evidence that the YISS is factory fitted as standard on all yamaha bikes that I can provide to them? Had a look on google and the yamaha website but no luck.

Any help appreciated!


PS bike is a 2010 R6

I doubt if YISS would be installed across the whole Yamaha range.

If you can’t find any sales literature for the 2010 model that mentions it, then try contacting Yamaha UK customer services & ask them for a letter/e-mail confirming that the 2010 R6 model had it installed as standard.

My bike (2010 yamaha) certainly had an immobiliser as standard - I think there’s something about it in the owners pack/manual because it has to explain about the code key etc.

Tell them the documents were in a folder under your seat or something