yamaha ybr 125

should i get this as my first bike? ( i have a 50cc moped at the moment ). i have never even been on a geared bike before lol. so what do you think?

How big are you? They’re pretty small but they’re pretty average 125’s. No fast accelleration, but if you’re new to bikes then it’s a good leg-up. Some of these super-flash 125’s are a waste of time, better off putting the extra cash towards lessons and petrol money for a decent bike.

im 17 and im about 6ft. im not looking for a powerful bike. i just need a bit of experience

It’ll do the job then. However it will be on the slighlty small size, okay for city riding. Some might suggest getting a varadero as they have the look and feel of bigger bikes although they’re much more expensive and probably last about just as long.

can’t wait to get it! now to chose… black or silver?..

black …

looks more gangsta

Sliver looks more met though.

The YBR’s always had good reviews, nothing special mind, but always good. Very decent bit of kit and will last a good time with TLC.

great first bike, nice and light, well set up for city riding…couldnt ask for anymore of it really, its a no frills reliable 125, go for it!

Blue :smiley:


there IS NO other colour!:smiley:

i’ll consider blue as well :cool:

We sell the ybr 125 from our garage and to be honest it is a great little bike. it is solid and reliable and you are unlucky if it lets you down. Also they hold their values really well as they appeal to all ages this is useful for when you want to trade up and need the cash!!

I thought bikes went faster in black?

(Unless they are Italian when they go faster in red.)