YAMAHA XT660Z TENERE, thoughts?


What do you guys think about the YAMAHA XT660Z TENERE?

I have my eyes on one.
It seems a tiny bit underpowered, but reading through the specs, I believe it could do the job just fine for me (except for the long touring 2 up, but the missus does not seem so interested lately). Plus they are well priced. It also seems cheap to run and to insure, and I don’t think the thieving gang would be that much interested.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts or if you have ridden one.


They’re tall and heavy and really much more aimed at playing in the woods than going touring on. That engine in an MT-03 gets really vibey at about 60mph, it’s not really something I’d want to do take down a motorway or most dual-carriageways. Also it’s really tall and heavy.

On the other hand, I reckon they look great and I’d love one.

Underpowered, some would say wheezy, don’t go near it if a motorway or dual carriage way are ever likely to feature much.

Heard it described a a slow as shit wheezy vibey lump. And its very tall, so unless you are 6’ plus it will be the tippy tips if your tippy toes.

Test ride one and see what you think, i reckon you are probably right on all other counts.

Umm interesting thoughts, I’m 6 foot (or 1,83cm), so on that side, I think I would be fine… from what I’ve read so far there is not that many complaints (or at least not so direct) regarding motorways, although I understand that they are bikes that are not made for such roads. However the interwebs is full of pages where that bike has been almost everywhere with not that many complaints.

I’ take your opinion into consideration, but I love the looks thought! The other option is an old ducati monster XD!!

Excellent off road / adventure bikes, I rode a XT in Africa it coped well with both the Tenere (Sahara) and jungle terrain.

What do you think of this one?

http://www.motorcyclenews.com/bikes-for-sale/yamaha/xt660z-tenere/7644608/ Mileage is 13K

I’d find a dealer for a test ride, see if you can get an hour or so on one and check they do ride how you hope they will.

yeah, I’m going to try to go to a dealer this weekend. See how it fits. Although I’m very sold on it XD!!

Buy what you want :wink:

Well did you test ride?

I think DangerousB has one.

I went to a yamaha dealer this saturday and saw one up close and sat on it, I can reach the ground without problems, the bike lowers quite a lot when you sit on it (80Kg I weight). I like how simple the machine is. I’ll ask for a test ride and will get more serious with it once I’ve sold the CBF500, hopefully soon.

This being said, the bike has very particular looks, between really freaking ugly and unique :D.

Like i said to you before, we use these at BSB for Taxi Bikes, they are comfy and the rear passenger seat is comfy too, but…They are very tall, and not a great deal of Power, they are ideal for what we use them for (going off road at slowish speeds with a passenger) but as above, not sure i would want one as a full time Hack if i had to use it on the Motorways and i think it is pretty big to commute into London too well