Yamaha XJ600 Diversion

In good condition for age recent new clutch and clutch cable oil change.
New tires front and rear a good bike for its age starts first time every time.
Selling for a mate with no internet but i have the bike and paper work here.
Bike is datataged and is R reg with 40 odd thousand on the clock.£600 for it see pix below

Cheers Steve

Bump any takers ? It rides well and is a good step up from a 125 :stuck_out_tongue:

ooh tempting will let you know end of month if you still got it :slight_smile:

Hi Steve
Will probably still be here mate so if you want come and have a look!
Cheers Steve

Last chance with one years mot! If no takers i will tax the thing and use it through the winter myself lol. . .
Oh and just to tempt £600 and i will MOT
it either Monday 20th September but if unsold on the 1st of October
offer will be withdrawn.
Cheers Steve

Still for sale or swap for a 50 for my daughter for collage or swap for a 125 for my wife to learn to ride!
If unsold by the end of the month i am going to keep it and use through the winter.


Still here ideal new rider or winter hack if anyone is looking :smiley:

As my car insurance is due on 12 of October this needs to sell quickly.
Cheers Steve

I can have a 33 BHP restriction kit fitted on this if required for under £100 supplied and fitted! :smiley:

I can vouch for these bikes, they get a bad press on mcn but they are great bikes. More than fast enough for round town and I’ve taken one round Wales and the Peak District where it handled great! They can cruise at 70/80 on the motorway no prob and I usually get 55mpg in London and 75mpg on motorway.

At £600 your getting a real bargain!

if I wanted a first big bike, I’d be all over this

Thanks for the recommendations guys i am amazed its still here :sick:
If it where not for my financial situation i would use through the winter
And keep my Triumphs in the garage this is a great bike and if push comes
To shove i will put one of my Sprints up for sale and keep this but if that
Is the way i have to go will try eBay with this first at a 600 quid start
So i dont end up giving it away. So will give it a few more days here the
It goes on eBay for a week.
Cheers Steve

Yup, can also confirm these are great bikes. Just sold my SV650 and got an XJ600n with 28k on the clocks for £650.

Getting a smidgen over 55mpg at the moment - great, solid, reliable machine, absolutely perfect for the winter.

Gread bike I have a naked one, got it for £900 but had to put around £600 in it to get it in top shape.

First thing I would change on it is the break lines and the exhaust… depending if it needs changing… most XJs do need a new exhaust as it corrodes underneath.

Nice solid bike, build like a tank (great for dropping or if cars do hit you) and it also goes fast if you push it, managed to hit 110 on it:)) but wouldn’t advise, 90 is about max, 70/80 nice cruising speed, great in town. I can vouch they go through the winter:)) as per photo



Anyone want to make a reasonable offer before i stick this on fleebay? Would make more than the asking price here i just cba with all the idiots on there!

I would love to make an offer, but I have my eye on an old Triumph. :slight_smile:

You may as well keep your eye on this coz you wont get yer ar5e on my Triumph for what you want to pay for it :P:P

500 quid anyone? ? ? Come on its got to be worth that :w00t: Free delivery in London. . . . Winter hack at a bargain price

Hey there. I’m interested, just need to get some advice from him indoors first. Is it still available?

Hi Yes still for sale just drop me a PM anytime.
Cheers Steve