Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F ABS - FOR SALE!!!!!

I am looking to sell my first big bike…

It is a blue 2012 Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F with ABS and has done 6600 miles at the last count, although this will go up as i use it on a daily basis (15 miles or so). I have only had the bike since May 2014. It comes with heated grips, alarm and 2 keys. I have all the documents and books. Service history it has two stamps one at 660 miles and another at 2400 (roughly), all done by the dealer i bought it from.

The reason for sale is im moving house and want a sports bike so the area i am now going to makes the insurance payable so will now get the sports bike that i wanted.

I have found it perfect to get use to for my first big bike and would recommend it to anyone starting out.

I am looking for £4200 but would be willing to listen to sensible offers. I can send more photos on request.

any questions ask on here or pm me.


How much :w00t:

12 plate :slight_smile:

Same bike under 3k? At a dealer with a warranty


tbf, I know nothing of these bikes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a 2010, Toony’s is a 2012 here’s a few examples to show it is an average price
2012 £4695
2012 £4295
2012 £5499

Price seems fair, my 2009 Naked sold for £3k with 19000 miles (Oct) in no time. The XJ6 are excellent easy rideable bikes, I only upgraded because I wanted a Gixxxer and the missus wouldn’t let me keep both - the XJ6 would have made a good winter/slippery day/commuter ride.

Sam they are all dealers for around the same money?

Thanks brains and sam. I thought it was a fair price as well.

For my two penneth

The dealer asking prices on Autotrader are around £4,500.00 to £4,700.00 for low mileage 2012 ABS models, if you walk in with hard earned in your hand I’d wager you’d be able to ride out at £4,200.00 on any day of the week.

If you’re asking £4,200.00 but willing to accept £3,900.00, assuming its certified HPI clear, you’re probably in the right ball park. Although some buyers may perceive its over due a service and would want that taken into consideration too therefore maybe £3,800.00 might be a fair bid.

Not what your wanting to hear but a 2012 model in 2015 is a three year old with the clock ticking on its first MOT appointment.

Art I have no problems with your comment mate. That’s a fair observation.

Looking to move this little puppy on now as my other bike is nearly ready

will accept £4000 due to it needing its first service in May time.

PM if interested




Still for sale!

Long shot, but do you still have this available? Cant seem to PM you.

Nah, he sold it about 3 months ago.