Yamaha XJ Diversion 600 (see link) looking for advice

ok see the link below, spoke to the dealer said the body work is a little tatty hence low price, but from the looks of it a deal. What are peoples general opinions on these bearing in mind it will be my 1st bike…


so you all know I have taken tomorrow off to look for a bike and I’m not going home without one.

i had one of these as my first big bike, i loved it :smiley:

things i would check:

brake disks can wear thin
nexxus exhausts can split and rust near the pipe/can join
the plastics can become brittle and split
i had problems with fork seals and oil being spat into the airbox making it smoke when it ran hot

but i would still go for it as they are great bikes

haggle over the price tho

cheers, he said he has already come down from £1200 but I will certainly try… I’m starting to get all excited knowing that after 8 months of having a full licence I will finally be getting a big bike…

Looks like a good’un - they were pretty solid bikes and a great first bike for you, low mileage might have been stored a lot, so check rubber seals and stuff.

The divvy 6 is an ok bike but not very inspiring. The 900 shaftie is a popular choice with couriers. For that money i would be looking out for an early Fazer 600. If you havn’t gone already to look for a bike The best advice is to be patient. The right bike will come along eventually.

Before parting with your hard earned, Ask yourself one question. If you tried to sell that bike tomorrow, would you get back what you paid for it?

Well would you?

IMO I would rather a bike with higher miles, than a low miler that has not been looked after.(I know a divvy 6 that has done over 150k) Why is it so tatty if it’s done <10k?

well I went to have a look in general was a good bike I think, but had a realy clunky gearbox and a sticky throttle spoke to someone in the know and basically said walk away so that is what I have done…

I would like a bike and I have seen a nice gpz but it is out of my price range… problem I have is it is now going to cost me a fortune to get to work until I get a new bike…