Yamaha WR125x LG13 XJO - Balham

Little putt putt was stolen last night/this morning (Thurs 9th Oct). Was chained front and back, also to the Hornet, under a cover.
They cut the cover to see what was under there and decided they liked it. Reported it to the police, not insured as it was off the road so £2k in the hole.

Looks like I’ll be doing the rounds of the estates later this evening…

SH1T! Another one- is this a new season for thievery? Two in two days with security and still the b8stards take them- anyone want to go shares on a shotgun?

What a f*cking joke. First available appointment the police can make to come see me is Sunday the 12th.

How horrible, very sorry to hear that :frowning:

Feel for you Timmyfox! good luck on the council estate stroll in the meantime, The best people seem to get from the police is a crime reference number for the insurers- but thats not going to help you this time. Good luck, mate!

Gutting mate!
Give me a bell when you want to go looking tonight, I should be free if you want some company.

Mate… As gavin says, let us know.

Hope you get it back.

sorry to hear… what’s with October and scumbags?

We’ve had a hunt around, general feeling is that it’s gone for good. Fed the boys pizza, tea and coffee for their help.

Shame we didn’t find it :frowning:

No bother.

I live in hope that, as opposed to being burnt out, she ends up with someone who truly needs her. You never know…
But to the person who took her, I wish them the best of luck. I would not want to be them with all of this catches up with them!

Phone call from the police today from their motorcycle theft chap, reassured that they are actively looking for my bike. Said they recovered one the day after mine was taken so not losing hope!

Fingers crossed


Well after the hospitality we received for not finding your bike, those coppers will be in for a feast if they do return it :slight_smile: