Yamaha TMAX XP500 for sale

I’m leaving the big city so reluctantly have to say good bye to my TMAX, which has been a very reliable servant over the last 5 or 6 years. Its navy blue, 2001 model with 25k miles. As anybody who’s owned one will know, these really are superb urban machines, loads of space for luggage or two up, handle brilliantly and no problem at all for longer trips.

Mine has got scrapes and dings all over it, but I’ve never dropped it in the years I’ve owned it and have a wad of history with every penny I’ve spent on it. The only problems are a temperamental speedo / trip due to a fray in the speedo cable I haven’t got round to sorting - works better when it’s wet! And also the steering lock has never worked since I’ve had it. It’s in Wandsworth, come and have a look if you’re interested, I’ve just ridden it back from the garage with 12 month MOT, I think the tax is August. It’s recently had the cam chain tensioner done and a new radiator fitted.

It’ll go with the Givi top box as well and I’m looking for £1,500 for a quick sale - hope it’s of interest to someone before I put on eBay.

Now £1,250, need the space!