Yamaha T7 pricing


Preorders placed before 27th March will pay £8399 excluding OTR charges and accessories.

Compared to the KTM 790 adventure at £11099.



So now I’ve to decide on £9+K on a second hand africa twin, or £8.4k on a brand new T7… I’m not quite 27th-march sure that I want one.


27 March isnt the early bird offer end date, it’s the start date!

The offer end date is 31 July.


Don’t know what the latest KTM will have on it but I always remember KTMs having more quality bits on them as standard like brembo brakes, braided lines etc… At least compared to the Japanese bikes

So that justifies, partly, the price. The other bit is then brand & pedigree in adventure bikes which is worth more than you might think.

Performance wise I have no idea which is better…


That’s the other way round this time - Nissin on the KTM and Brembo on the T7 - but I don’t think that’s really the important bit. They’re similarly-weighted but the KTM makes more power and torque, has a higher ground-clearance, longer-travel suspension, bigger fuel tank, bigger seat…


Interesting… Yeah you can tell I haven’t looked at bikes recently, only toasters and baby dummies


Why are you looking at Cylons?


The what now???