Yamaha suspension upgrade experience - Nitron

Having got more and more annoyed with my yamaha unadjustable stock suspension I looked into getting a replacement for the rear shock. It was pretty bouncy, needed nearly all the pre-load to set it up for my 14st bulk and zippy braking was out as the front dive was massive.

I looked around on the web and found three options for non-racers with a budget. Hagon, Ohlins street and Nitron sport. The Hagen had no adjustability and was 300 odd quid, the Nitron was 350ish and the Ohlins was 450 ish. Both the Nitron and the Ohlins have preload, height and a single compression/rebound adjuster.

Nitron seemed a good bet for the money, and I am told is a better shock as the Ohlins one is an emulsion shock, but they didn’t have the bike listed so I emailed. They said they didn’t do one for the bike but they would happily spec one for me if I got my bike to them. They would get their main technician to set it up too.

I sent my bike, my weight etc, what I wanted etc and one week later I have a nice shiny new rear shock (and a really cheap looking stock one in a box). First impressions:It’s beautifully engineered, it is fully rebuildable and looks it.They put a spring in for my weight and set it up for meI’ve backed off the pre-load a little and left the rest of the settings as the technician had set itSo has it made a difference? I’ve had crap weather to test but even around town it has transformed the bike. It absorbs the bumps better, it’s well planted around corners and hard breaking/acceleration is no longer the see-saw it once was.

Couldn’t be happier, faster now seems easier and safer than slower riding was before.

The shock is great and Nitron couldn’t have been more helpful. I don’t think you could spend £350 on a bike and get a better result.

With so much moaning on forums I thought I would write a good news story. Recommended.

Zzzzzzzzzzz - yet another first post that reads just like an advert :Whistling:

Sorry Mr Blackbird, if it was a **** experience I would have said so.

I find the constant a moaning about stuff pretty boring too.

The fact there is a British company, with decent prodcuts ( without a massive marketing budget priced in) was worth a post.

Shame you disagree.

Where are you getting your info on the Hagon shock ?

I have one on one of my bikes and it has Hydraulic preload adjuster , and you can use the C-ring to adjust the preload ?

Hagon do a fancier one, but the 300quid one for my bike just had spring pre-load.

I nearly went with Hagon however they were pretty salesy on the phone. At Nitron I got to talk to the technician and they seemed a better deal as for not much more cash you got effectively their race shock with the external adjusters removed.

Fair do’s , I had a customised one made for my weight and usage as the Triumph its on will have some two up riding.

Nitron shocks are the dogs bolox. :smiley:

Nitron customer service is xcellent too