Yamaha Service Centre Fulham - Anyone used them?

Need to find someone to fit some braided hoses and new pads to my CBR (the Yamaha dealer is closest) has anyone used them?

hey i havent used them, but i do use The Motorcycles service centre on Harrow road. 0208 9606434 they are brilliant, i get my bikes repaired and serviced there, they are reliable and very good on prices.

give em a call, the are a sub Honda dealer and are kwak, yam, and suzuki specialists.

Yeah they are really good…The guy on the desk is a bit grumpy but the service guys are ace.

They sorted out my R1 properly after the Metropolis muppets almost caused me to be splatted by a truck (read my TPS threads).

I give the Yamaha Service Centre a big thumbs up…Decent prices too.