Yamaha Safety Recall

Sorry…Re-posting this here to get a better response.

Metropolis charged me an hours labour (70 quid) to replace my Throttle Position Sensor on my R1 which is a known fault and which Yamaha have just issued a safety recall (below). Yamaha paid for the part, but didn’t cover the labour.

Now that they’ve made the recall official on the MCN website, do you think I can be recompensed for the labour charges? I think I have been treated unfairly and the associated problem with the dodgy TPS (unstable idle speed) still persist anyway.

Any advice appreciated.

The second Safety Recall concerns the Throttle Position Sensor fitted to certain YZF-R1, FZ6N/S, FJR1300/A, TDM900/A, MT-01, XV1700PC & XT660R/X manufactured between 2002 and 2005. In a small number of cases, the idle speed may become intermittently unstable, causing the engine to stall.
In the same way as the XV1600 Safety Recall, owners of the affected machines, held on our database, will receive a letter very soon advising them of the steps to take to have their machines rectified. They can continue to use their motorcycles in the meantime.

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How long ago did you buy your bike? I think you have a good chance at getting your money back, under the sale of goods act, as the bike was faulty before you bought it!

Saw this on another site, maybe it will help you

you should not have to pay the labour, took me ages to get my bike done when the recall was put on my wildstar xv1600, but I did get it done


Thank you…The bike was purchased used in a private sale…No wonder the guy sold it so cheap

About time too. Thanks for posting that up, Afro. I’ve been in contact with Yamaha UK for months now trying to get them to issue a recall for this problem but they’d kept refusing/stalling, so was getting nowhere. But after they issued the recall in the states (not before thousands of owners contacted the NHTSA though, the US version of VOSA over here) I knew they’d have to do the same here in the end.

Cheers matey!

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